We have structured our worship following the order below:

1. Call to Worship

This is a time of getting ourselves situated, gathering our wandering soul, spirit, and body to be present in the sacred place we have created by gathering in the name of the LORD God.  This is a worship experience in it of itself as it causes one to let go of whatever may be holding attention on our mind and not on Christ.  It is a time of being still and taking our thoughts captive according to 2 Corinthians 10:5.  This is a time of clearing the ground and the canvas of our being to be open and available to receive.  It calls us to focus on the moment, to come expecting, come anticipating to receive from God, and determine never to leave the way we came. This is a time of conscious and intentional choice making- A call to choose the moment to be with God and God’s people with whom you have gathered.

2. Scripture Reading

Every Sunday, the scripture of the day is read together as one body united in worship. We believe it is important to partake in the Written Word for the nourishment of our souls. 

3. Prayer

Prayer is the invitation of fellowship between us and God -- The triune fellowship of the divine and men in a sacred dance.

4.  Meditate

In meditation we step in into the Name of the Lord.  The Bible says that the Name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run in and are saved.  We chant the name of the God in Hebrew which is YHVH – YOD HEI VAV HEI and the name of Jesus YESHUA SHIN to build towers around us and around our environments.

5. Music

 At Venice United Methodist Church the symphonic orchestra pulls us together in order to prepare us to receive from the Kingdom of Heaven. 

6. Message & Teaching

A spoken Word is delivered that nourishes, convinces, and strengthens.

7. Giving

Giving thanks with our financial resources through offerings and tithes.

8. Close

The church is then prayed over with its members to be released.